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Please use this form to send questions or comments to Kyocera Automotive Components Division. Due to the large number of comments we may not be able to respond to every message. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. For customers inquiries, local Kyocera representatives will be involved to support your projects.
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Organic Materials for Automotive Use Automotive Components and Molding Dies LCDs for Industrial Applications
Connectors for Side Mirrors Connectors for In-Vehicle Equipment IR Lenses (Silicon / Germanium)
Glass Sensor Lenses High Durability / High Reflection Silver Alloy Mirrors Decorative Colored Ceramics
Oxygen Sensor Heaters Power-Saving Saturation (PSS) Glow Plugs Ferrites
Cabin Heater Igniters Crystal Units TCXO Ceramic Resonators
SAW Devices Capacitors Antennas
Pressed Ceramic Components Ceramic-Activated Carbon Honeycomb Exhaust Control Valves
Turbocharger Rotors Rocker Arm Tips Diesel Fuel-Injection Components
Gas Turbine Components Swirl Chambers Power Module Substrates / Power IC Substrates
Multi-layer Ceramic Substrates for ECU LED Packages 96% Alumina Thick-Film Substrates
Lids / Lids with RF Absorbers Sensor Packages Millimeter-Wave Packages
Image-Sensor Packages Molten Aluminum Processing Parts Induction Hardening Fixtures
Welding Nozzles / Nozzle Covers Piezo Actuators Component Assembly Technology for Ceramic ECU
Camera Modules Honeycomb Strainers Stereo Cameras
iBurst Cutting tools for Engines Cutting tools for Transmissions
Cutting tools for Drive Systems Cutting tools for Chassis Cutting tools for Cost-Reduction Solutions

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Contact > Automotive 
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